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Backoffice Support Services came to our rescue when our CFO left. They were able to quickly grasp our needs and propose candidates that made sense for what was required. Their staff worked with us to ensure we had the right resources to help us bridge the distance until we found a permanent CFO. If the need were to arise again, I would call them in a heartbeat.

Janet Becker, Senior Director,
Human and Organizational Development, The Synergos Institute,

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BackOffice Support Services, Inc.

228 Park Avenue South, #93788
New York 10003

877 642 1940
I wanted to thank you for the support that your organization is giving us these days. When our vice president for finance and administration left abruptly, our auditor recommended you to assist us with a temporary placement. Your staff was available immediately and, after a brief conversation, understood what capability we needed. BackOffice identified a great candidate and arranged a meeting with her right away. She has proved to be of enormous assistance, and your team has kept in touch to make sure that she and I are satisfied with the arrangement.

I received many calls when word got out that we needed a replacement. The other firms either pushed too many candidates on me or wanted too much information from me before proposing anyone. BackOffice handled the situation deftly and effectively. You were willing to work on the basis of little information and you got the point. You proposed just one candidate, whom he no doubt selected for us among many possibilities. You have kept in touch, but not harassed me at all. It's been enjoyable and efficient working with you.

Thank you for your consideration.

Alexander Papachristou, President,
The Near East Foundation,

Just want drop you a note of thanks for all the financial consulting Back Office has done on our behalf. As you know, Jun Group is experiencing exponential growth in our 5th year of business, leading the branded entertainment and content distribution space. Our clients now include numerous top Fortune 500 companies, major global media agencies and entertainment companies.

Your financial team was a critical part of helping Jun Group position itself to be able to serve all these clients. They were key in helping us assess multiple financial partners that were looking to invest in Jun Group, helping shape our business plan, making critical presentations to potential investors, and helping us plan our future.

We could not have done this without Back Office and the team was diligent, professional and worked very efficiently.

We look forward to using Back Office in the future as our business continues to grow and we have need for your guidance and expertise.

Please call me when you have a moment. I have a close friend who is CEO of a very successful woman's shoe and accessory business in NYC and CT. I have mentioned BackOffice to him and would like to make the introduction soon.

Best regards

Bill Common, Principal,
Jun Group Productions LLC.,

BackOffice Support Services worked with us to determine our needs and the most efficient solutions. They then found us multiple professionals to fill the positions and helped us through the process until we were completely satisfied. I would highly recommend their services for organizations of any size.

Rabbi Zalman Grossbaum, Executive Director,
The Friendship Circle of NJ,

BackOffice was always the quickest to respond to our requests for help. No matter how short the notice was, they would send us the best people almost immediately. With their superb project management capability, we finished numerous projects in record-breaking time.

Paul Wu, Director,
Associated Press,

From our outsourcing clients:

BackOffice takes away the administrative headaches, freeing more time for the true challenges of building a business - working with team members and customers.

Todd Farha, Entrepreneur, CEO,
Bayshore Logistics, Inc.

Before we were introduced to BackOffice I was a little concerned about allowing an outside firm to manage our financial operations. Now, after transferring our operations over to BackOffice, my only concern is are we paying this team enough! They've brought vision, clarity and bottom-line results to our company when all I thought I was doing was simply upgrading our internal bookkeeping operation. BackOffice has the necessary expertise, experience and manpower to support our business now and into the future.

Brett Kotch, CEO,
Internet Software Solutions, Inc.

BackOffice streamlined our operations and simplified our lives. They quickly put our books and records in order. We know where we stand. Their practical and insightful advice on a broad range of our business affairs have propelled our sales to new levels. These guys are proven entrepreneurs. I can't emphasize how valuable that is for us.

Marilyn Simes, President,
Digital Instincts, Inc.,

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