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Why Backoffice?

Every company needs sound, expert financial advice to help them compete. Often, small and mid-sized companies don't have the benefit of top-notch financial experts.

Founded and owned by CPA's, BackOffice understands how to fill that gap by providing the best in part-time accounting talent to supplement your existing staff or manage your entire accounting operation.

Time and again, we deliver cost savings, system efficiencies and improved reporting.

Financial Staffing Services

In addition to all the normal accounting & bookkeeping services, we can help with:

  • "BackOffice takes away the administrative headaches, freeing more time for the true challenges of building a business - working with team members and customers."
    Todd Farha, Entrepreneur, CEO,
    Bayshore Logistics, Inc.

  • "When our VP of Finance left abruptly, our auditor recommended BackOffice. They handled the situation deftly & effectively."
    Alexander Papachristo, President,
    The Near East Foundation

  • "BackOffice worked with us to determine our needs and the most efficient solutions...I would highly recommend their services for organizations of any size."
    Rabbi Zalman Grossbaum,
    The Friendship Circle of New Jersey

  • "BackOffice came to our rescue when our CFO left...If the need were to arise again, I would call them in a heartbeat."
    Janet Becker, Sr. Director,
    The Synergos Institute
  • Transactions. We assist with the sale or acquisition of assets or entire business units. This includes coordinating the transaction, performing due diligence, and preparing all documentation. We can also direct refinancings, restructuring, bankruptcy and the raising of equity.
  • Projects. We assist in any short-term or long-term financial project. This includes investigating and diagnosing accounting or systems problems; implementing new systems and relocating operations.
  • Financial Management. We can prepare and/or review all internal or external financial statements, budgets, projects, public filings, and bookkeeping records, generally at significant savings over your current cost.
  • Audit Preparation. CPA firms often turn to BackOffice to help their clients prepare for audit.
  • Emerging businesses. We have helped dozens of start-up companies in every phase of their start-up activities, from writing business plans and preparing financial projections to raising money and handling bookkeeping. We have helped our start-up clients raise over $100 million in capital.

Recent Assignments

  • Nonprofit: A prominent non-profit stem cell research foundation turned to BackOffice to provide CFO Services and complete annual audit preparation work.
  • Telecom: A publicly-traded telecommunications company engaged BackOffice as CFO and also to field a team to perform due diligence on acquisition candidates.
  • Marketing: A peer-to-peer internet marketing group that develops branded entertainment that reaches millions of consumers hired BackOffice to rewrite its business plan and field acquisition queries from major media firms.
  • Manufacturing: A private equity firm acquired a manufacturing company and turned to BackOffice to implement accounting systems and act as interim CFO during the critical post-acquisition period.
  • Law Offices: A law practice turned to BackOffice to provide bookkeeping services to keep its records current and interface with outside accountants and tax preparers.
  • Litigation Support: An attorney turned to BackOffice to reconstruct the books and records of a retailer being sued by its ex-CEO. Within six weeks, BackOffice had reconstructed over three years of accounting records. The retailer won the lawsuit.
  • Fashion: A women's clothing designer with over a quarter billion in retail sales turned to BackOffice to write their business plan and serve as CFO.
  • Internet Company: A fast-growing ".com" company engaged BackOffice to reconcile its books and records and perform pre-due diligence in support of its acquisition by an industry giant.
  • Technology Staffing: A regional technology staffing firm engaged BackOffice to assess the fit and perform due diligence on an acquisition target.
  • Real Estate Management: A prominent real estate management company responsible for managing dozens of commercial properties in Manhattan turned to BackOffice to serve as "internal auditors" to their accounting department on a monthly basis.
  • Art Gallery: The owner of several contemporary art galleries in New York City turned to BackOffice to improve its accounting systems and manage its accounting operations.

Isn't it time you discovered BackOffice?

What can BackOffice do for you?

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